Spa Pedicure

Relieve your stressed, tired, overworked feet with our signature Spa Pedicure to comfort, refresh, stimulate, and deodorize them.

Firstly, relax your feet in a warm milky bath with our Foot Bubble Roller Massager for a soothing and relaxing pre-pedicure. A well deserved, pampering deep cleansing with mineral gel applied; Followed by our exfoliating herbal scrub to remove dead and damaged skin layers, while moisturizing and conditioning the new layers of skin now exposed to the surface. Rough, dry skin and callous is gently removed. Then, professional pedicure treatment applied. A pampering foot massage with our cooling and moisturizing cream to freshen, deodorize, invigorate, stimulate, as well as to help soften hard skin takes place. Lastly, the polish lacquer of your choice from our array of OPI nail polish collections is applied with a base and top coat to help it last beyond your special occasion!