Hand Paraffin Treatment

An occasional treatment for dry or irritated skin that includes our exfoliating herbal scrub to remove dead and damaged skin layers, while moisturizing and conditioning the new layers of skin now exposed to the surface; a pampering hand massage with our cooling and moisturizing cream to freshen, deodorize, invigorate, stimulate, as well as to help soften hard skin; and dippings in warm paraffin wax to seal in moisture. Just slowly dip your hand in and out of the specially formulated, warm soothing paraffin wax. Each dip coats with a smooth layer of enveloping heat therapy forming a soft glove of paraffin. The warmed paraffin increases circulation through the tissue and infuses moisture deeper into the skin, softening cuticles and dry areas.

Your hands will feel soft, moisturized, clean and healthy. Excellent for dehydrated, matured or over-used hands.